how to save photos from instagram

how to save photos from instagram

The Instagram quickly became popular because it is easy to use.

A user just takes photo with his\her phone, processes it by means of the built-in tools and loads into his\her account. After that the whole world can enjoy this photo.

Many people use Instagram to view profiles of celebrities or interesting, creative people. Sometimes you want to save photo from Instagram to your computer but you cannot do this in a standard way (by by right-clicking on it and choose the right option). Thus the service developers care about copyright compliance user. This limitation is very easy to ignore and in this article we will tell you some ways how to do it.

Install any additional applications or extensions on a computer and use unfamiliar services is always dangerous because of a large number of viruses and scams. Besides that basic operations such as saving information from the page can be done without interference. For example, save the audio from YouTube.

You can also save photos from Instagram on a computer using a code page. To do this you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Open the page with the desired photo on Instagram using Google Chrome.
  2. How to save photos from instagram 1>

  3. Next, press a hotkey combination Ctrl+U to switch to the HTML view of the page layout.
  4. After that press a hotkey combination Ctrl+F to begin your search on the page. Find the line which contains the following combination of characters «og:image» ;
  5. This line will contain a direct link to the image. It should be copied and opened in a new tab;
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  7. After that photo from Instagram can be saved to your computer.
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    These instructions are for the browser Google Chrome, but similar actions can be done in any other browser. You only need to define the keys that will open the HTML view of the page layout.